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COVID-19 Guidelines

  1. All services are by APPOINTMENT only.  Appointments can be made by clicking the book services tab, or by phone and/or text at 919-438-1047.  You will only be serviced if you have a scheduled appointment on the calendar.

  2. The doors to Sola Salon Studios are now unlocked.  Please check-in upon arrival to studio.  If a client is being serviced, please have a seat outside of the studio. Once the studio has been completely sanitized, your stylist will escort you into the studio.

  3. Masks are required throughout the facility.  No mask…no service.

  4. No guests are allowed.  You must come to your appointment alone.  Also, limit the amount of items you bring inside of the building.

  5. There may be two clients in the studio at one time, with social distancing practices in place.

  6. Your stylist, will reassure that they are in good health with no fever.  Your stylist will also be wearing a mask, as well as sanitizing the studio thoroughly after each client.

  7. Your stylist has completed two Barbicide certifications that ensures that they are in compliance with the COVID-19 guidelines.

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