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Yesterday's Wash Days

Growing up in small town Smithfield, Virginia, most of the little girls in my town had the same regimen, whether it was on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, washday was once a week and it could be a traumatic experience. So traumatic, that our mothers wasted no time to throw a relaxer into our hair to help to relax the naps. Giving up on the maintenance of our natural tresses.

For me and my sister, our wash days fell on Friday nights. My mother would cook a quick dinner, usually a frozen pizza, and then proceed to wash our hair. She would then detangle the curly/coily tresses, and put them into chunky plaits in order for my hair to air dry. The next morning we would wake up early. Eat a little breakfast, which most of the time was a bowl of cereal. Perform our weekly chores, and then proceed to go through the laborious and painful task of the next step of wash day (which was a two day process). First, my mother would use Dax hair grease (the thick green kind) and grease my scalp (something of the past). It is funny how our mothers and their mothers thought that they were doing the right thing by putting that thick greasy gunk on our scalp, and clogging our pores. All nestled on the floor with our cute cocker-poodle at my feet, my mother would undo my plaits, using the blow dryer she would stretch my hair, and then take the hot comb off of the stove and proceed to straighten my hair. This is where the pain comes in, because 1.) the comb was sitting directly on a hot eye with no heat control and 2.) whenever my mother would run the comb through my hair, I would get burnt from the grease the she placed directly on my scalp just moments before. Can you say in tears!?! I would scream out in pain from being burnt, and my mother would tell me that it was just heat. JUST HEAT!?! Really??? My mother would then use some ole school marcels to curl my hair, and roll it in pink sponge rollers. I would tie my hair up in a satin scarf and go to bed (yes, bed because this was a long process).

I remember that I hated wash day(s), and now understand why my younger clients sometimes cry and/or become restless. However, I remember feeling like I was a princess the next day at church. My hair was full of curls and body and dressed in the most beautiful ribbons, freshly ironed by my mother. Those were the good ole days. Thankfully, there are other tools to straighten our hair these days. Although wash day is still a task for many, it is a little less traumatic with better tools and essential oils. A Natural Nuance Hair Spa, Inc. makes wash day an enjoyable and peaceful experience. Our clients get to experience a pain-free wash days, and leaves them feeling beautiful and confident. Look forward to your wash days, visit A Natural Nuance Hair Spa, Inc.


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