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Is She a Karen?

When I started writing these blogs I decided that I would not write or speak about politics, just to keep a healthy balance in the interaction between myself, my clients and my friends and family. However, the climate of society at this very moment is leading to several discussions throughout our community that should have been had a long time ago. I will not get too in depth with all that is going on in society, but I do want to speak about how society is effecting us mentally.

The other day I was doing a little grocery shopping at my neighborhood Wal-Mart. While parking my vehicle I noticed that there was a suburban parked beside me with a woman who was having an extreme emotional break down. Her breakdown was so intense that my soul cried out for her. I felt every bit of pain that exited her body. The mother in me, along with every humane bone in my body wanted to reach out to help this woman. It pierced my soul because I have been that lady a time or two, but there was extreme hesitation to inquire about the woman’s well-being. Why? The number one reason is because this was a white woman in Cary, North Carolina.

With the uprising due to the death of George Floyd, there has been more of an appearance of Karens and Kevins. Karens and Kevins, you know, those Caucasians whom take any opportunity to show just how racist they are in a public display of hate, violence, humiliation, and just pure ignorance. I being my lovable and nurturing self actually had to talk myself through an action that would have otherwise been a no brainer. My first thought was to ask her if she was okay, while my second thought was to mind my business because me being concerned about her welfare could have easily turned into a viral Karen moment. I literally sat in my vehicle for 3-5 minutes going back and forward with myself as to what I should do. I hopped out of my truck and tapped on the lady’s window. I asked her if she was okay, and my kindness and concern was received well. She stated that she would be okay, and thanked me for my concern. I told her that I was just concerned and I hope she has a better day. I then walked into the store to begin my grocery shopping.

The moral of this story…Today’s societal climate has me on many occasions assuming that every situation with a Caucasian individual may be a “potential threat”. Instead of being compassionate first, I must protect myself first and think the scenario through. Whereas many preach that there is only one race, the human race, reality shows us that the differences in the human race helps to negate that very point. I shouldn’t have had to take 3-5 minutes to make a decision, but the truth is that that is now my first option in this social climate. Is it me or has 2020 dumped us back into the 1960’s (and before)?

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