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Consult with Your Doctor

Have you ever consciously visited a doctor knowing that you had not followed doctor's orders? You go into triage and answer all sort of questions, but do so untruthfully. The doctor then diagnose you inaccurately, and prescribes you medication that does not fix the problem and/or creates other symptoms. When that occurs, what is your first thought? How do you react? Is your first inclination to become upset with the doctor because he didn't fix your problem, or do you consider that you are the reason as to why you aren't feeling better or are getting sicker?

The truth of the matter is that you should be completely open and honest with your health care professional when you are looking to them to care, treat and diagnose you. The same goes when you visit your natural hair care specialist. Triage (Consultation) is the most important part of the natural hair care process. Your natural hair care specialist is your doctor, and as you are honest with your physician, you should be just as honest with your specialist. Your specialist's job is to listen and diagnose any issues occurring to better help the overall health of your hair. If you are not open and honest with your specialist regarding your care (or lack of ) for your hair, you will become victim to the same results as your experiences with your physician.

Let your specialist help you. Your natural hair care salon or spa, is a judgment free zone. The environment is set for you to free yourself from the worries of the world, and literally let your hair down. Get comfortable and become an open book. Free yourself of all of your hair inhibitions, and allot your specialist the opportunity to help. Be open, honest, and exact in your issues and needs. There is a saying, "closed mouths don't get fed!" This means that if you don't express to your specialists your concerns or goals, then your specialist will not be able to effectively treat and assist you in growth and health of your hair during your journey. Remember to be vocal and clear. Be sure to communicate effectively, to ensure a pleasing outcome. This will strengthen your hair, your relationship with your specialist, and enhance the trust in your relationship with your specialist and their care for your natural hair.

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