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You Charge Too Much!!!

I was recently at a networking event where I had the opportunity to participate in a "speed dating" version of networking. The event was fun, informative and very beneficial. In a room of about 100 people, there were 13 tables set for 4-5 people, where you had the opportunity to give a three minute commercial regarding your business to the people sitting at your table. After a 15 minute round, you moved onto the next table. There were five rounds in all, giving you the opportunity to interact and network with different businesses and individuals.

While waiting for round four to start, a young lady came and sat beside me at table number 11. I noticed that she was a naturalista, so although I was not networking on behalf of A Natural Nuance Hair Spa, Inc., I decided to engage in conversation about natural hair while we waited. I asked her if she had a Natural Hair Care Specialist, and she stated that she does her own hair. I then took the opportunity to pass her a business card. She took the card and asked where I was located, and how far it was from a specific area in the city. She then proceeded to tell me that she probably would not use my services, but will take the card anyway. She follows that statement up with, "Y'all (Natural Hair Care Specialists) are too expensive! I can do my own hair for what natural stylists charge." She then tells me that she has a stylist that she goes to that will blow out and flat iron her hair for only $40. I asked her if that stylist was a natural hair care specialist, and she stated that she was not a natural hair care specialist but was a cosmetologist.

I then informed her that it makes sense as to why she only charges $40 for her blow out and flat iron. I did not go any further into the conversation because our table was full and the networking round was about to begin, but it made me reflect throughout the day as to how Natural Hair Care Specialists are under valued to those who are not educated on what we do exactly.

Like cosmetologist, we as Natural Hair Care Specialists have our own "specialties." Like cosmetologists, Natural Hair Care Specialists charge according to the skill set and specialties. Most cosmetologists do not specialize in the care of natural hair. They tend to focus more on their chemical specialities, which tend to be more lucrative, since that is the focus of their market. Natural Hair Care Specialists are taught the essential skills to care for and assist in the growth of natural hair. An average session with a Natural Hair Care Specialist will be at the least two and a half hours. There is proper detangling involved prior to the shampoo session, which should be carefully performed. From detangling, you would then move to the shampoo bowl for a shampoo session. Each shampoo session for natural hair should consist of a clarifying process, moisturizing/cleansing process, as well as a deep conditioning with detangling and massaging the scalp. From the bowl, the next step would be the L.O.C. (liquid, oil, cream) moisturizing method, another proper detangling, and a blow dry (if required by desired style). The next step, the desired style, should be carefully performed. Natural hair must be handled with loving care, and time must be taken to be carefully styled. Most natural hair styles times can range anywhere from an hour to six hours.

The truth of the matter is that there is a specific knowledge and skill that goes into the care and manageability of natural hair, and that skill and knowledge is priceless. Natural Hair Care Specialists charge for their services based on the skills needed to maintain healthy hair. For that very reason, Natural Hair Care Specialist's fees should never be compared to fees charged by cosmetologists. The skill set and services are different, and holds different values. Please keep this in mind the next time you say "You charge too much!" to a Natural Hair Care Specialists.

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