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I Don’t Like Your Attitude!!!

Recently I attended an industry training and I was astounded, yet offended at the lack of education for which the instructor possessed. A general statement was made about locs that would have alluded that I had bad hygiene practices, slather creams, waxes and shea butters on my hair, and that my hair was nasty, dirty and stinky. As the only traditional loc’d individual in the class, I took great offense. I was not just offended because I am loc’d traditionally, but because this master in the hair industry is miseducating the masses. As a traditionally loc’d individual and a Licensed Natural Hair Care Specialist, I took it upon myself to inform the instructor that she was miseducated and that those practices are not general practices of individuals who wear traditional locs. She instantly rejected my information, and continued to state that the information that she was giving was based on her experiences. I explained that I accept and understand her experiences, but please understand that this information are not general practices of the traditionally loc’d community. As the class continued, I noticed that this information was also included in the training materials and I began to become enraged at the fact that this is the information that is being put out there just for the purpose of encouraging people to go about a specific natural hair style. NO ONE NATURAL HAIR STYLE IS GREATER THAN ANOTHER!!!

As I mentioned in a past blog, many of us as black women are struggling with the fact of wearing our own natural hair and being confident in the process. We lack the self-esteem to be comfortable with our natural hair, and many of the natural hair styles for which we can achieve to adorn our crown. To have someone in the natural hair care industry say such derogatory things about a natural hair style, is not beneficial to the overall acceptance of natural hair care for black women. The natural hair care industry should uplift black women, and not discourage them against one particular natural hair style in order to push another. All natural hair is BEAUTIFUL!!!

This experience proves that there are even individuals in the industry that suffer from self-hate. Please be careful when engaging with those individuals. Do your own research about natural hair, about other natural hairstyles, and even traditional locs if that is your desire. If you have questions, seek out industry professionals that are secure within their own natural hair and beauty. If you run across a professional whom is not comfortable with their own natural state, please do not let their “stank” attitude deter you from your own natural hair journey. Yes personal hygiene and good practices are important across the board, as with anything.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me to schedule a consultation…


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