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Your Hair is What You Eat!

Health and wellness has become an important concept in most of America’s life these days. The market is changing, an you are finding more organic items in the groceries stores, as well as fast food restaurants providing vegan and vegetarian options to the customers. We are realizing, with the help of documentaries like “What the Health” , that we truly are what we eat. Many foods in our diets are causing us to suffer from life threatening diseases that gives us all types of ailments and symptoms. With that said, what happens to your hair when you ingest food options that are harmful to your overall health? Does it effect your hair? The answer is, Yes, your overall health effects the condition of your hair.

Let’s start from the beginning. Years and years of eating foods that are unhealthy and do not nurture our overall health and wellness, causes a break down in our health over time. This breakdown will send us to the doctor for symptoms that are unbearable, causing diagnosis of condition, in which medications are then prescribed to help combat the diagnosed diseases. Little that we know, these prescribed medications are not helping whatever diseases, but they are also causing extreme changes in our hair. Leading us to deal with hair issues such as hair loss, dry/itchy scalp, brittle hair, breakage, etc.

“You are what you eat!!!” Well, that saying definitely applies to this issue. The better care you take of your body overall, the better results of your hair. For example, I often remind my clients the importance of staying hydrated. The more water you drink, the better functioning your organs will be and the better you will feel overall. So, why wouldn’t it be any different with your hair? Water helps to hydrate your body fully, including your hair. The more water you drink the less dehydrated your hair, scalp and skin will be. Another example is eating clean. Remember when our parents would swear by our vegetables (although most of the time all of the nutrients had been cooked out of them. LOL!)? They would say that vegetables would make you strong, and if you wanted to grow up to be big and strong you needed to eat your vegetables. Well, it is as simple as it sounds. They weren’t lying to us, and the same goes for your hair. The moral of the story here is that the better you treat your body, the healthier your hair. You cannot expect a plant to grow if you don’t feed it or give it the soil with the proper nutrients. The same goes for your hair. Therefore, be very conscious of what you ingest for the overall sake of your health and also for the sake of your hair. Make health and wellness an important concept in your life in 2020. Your body and hair will be grateful. Let’s not forget that, Your Hair is What You Eat!!!

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